Zero Waste – What Does It Mean?


Zero Waste

Does it mean that we send nothing to the landfill? Recycling as little as possible? Reuse as many times as possible? Reduce carbon footprint?

It is not about being a perfectionist; it is about making a better choice.

Rethinking about the waste produced on a daily basis, then refining our choices and aspiring to do better consequently.


How Does A Zero Waste Lifestyle Looks Like?

  • Refusing anything unnecessary. Before we purchase anything, do we really need this? Also, don’t take it home because it is free for you. 😀
  • Thinking about the end of life of a product before taking it back home. Is the product reusable, can be composted, recyclable?
  •  Choose Reusable over single-use items. This can help in reducing landfills and minimize the recycling process.
  •  Choose products that are well-made and built-to-last, and that can be repaired, thus minimizing landfill.
  •  Favour second-hand over new, valuing resources. Look for second-hand items event near you or create one!
  •  Embrace creativity: Problem-solving by thinking and discovering new and better ways of doing things.
  •  Ask questions! Ask for no straws, ask if you can bring your own containers for takeaway and many more that you can try.
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